Our Mission

Our school's mission, vision and values

At Michelangelo, we foster first steps towards a world of discoveries.

Our Mission:

Michelangelo International Elementary School provides an inclusive, collaborative learning environment that merges both the Quebec Educational Program and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme.  We provide our students with quality education and encourage life-long learning by creating an environment of respect, collaboration, and intellectual curiosity.   We strive to provide the tools necessary for our students to play a constructive role in society while developing positive values. The focus is not simply on the acquisition of knowledge, but on fostering in young people the desire to create a better and more peaceful world through respect and understanding of the many cultures of this world. The school helps guide students to become lifelong learners by creating an environment that fosters curiosity.

Upon leaving Michelangelo International Elementary School, our students will have mastered the Attributes of the Learner Profile (inquirers, principled, balanced, caring, communicators, open-minded, risk-takers, and reflective).

Our Vision:

Our aim is to provide the students with the foundation that they need to develop skills to interact within our society. Ultimately, they will be able to appreciate, respect and live in harmony with people of other cultures and races. They will become more respectful and responsible citizens of the world. As students come to us with different learning abilities and learning styles, teachers will mentor these students to reach their full potential in a structured inquiry-based international curriculum.