School Dress Code

In order to allow students to focus seriously on the primary objective of learning and alleviate parental concerns, the school has adopted the following dress code. Students are expected to wear their uniform to school events and out-of-school activities unless otherwise indicated. Inherent in the dress code is the expectation that students will be clean and neat in their appearance.

We request the parents’ cooperation and support in enforcing the school’s dress code to which we expect all students to conform daily. Please, be sure that all clothing is labeled. 

The following items are considered part of the dress code:

  • Navy blue pants
  • White polo shirt with school crest
  • Plain navy blue cardigan
  • Navy blue skirts (knee length), tunics, slacks, capris or Bermuda shorts (knee length).
  • Low-heeled shoes
  • Moderate jewellery

The following items and accessories are not permitted (includes casual days):

  • Jeggings
  • Athletic Tights (Leggings)
  • Torn jeans
  • Jogging pants (except Pre-K & K)
  • Caps, bandanas, or any headgear.
  • Make-up, coloured hair
  • Low-cut or sleeveless tops
  • Short shorts or short skirts
  • Flip-flops / sandals
  • Outdoor boots
  • Indoor boots (uggs, cowboy boots etc.)

Students are expected to wear boots outside during the winter months and keep a pair of shoes in school to change into before entering classrooms. Outer garments should reflect appropriate seasonal school wear.

Physical Education Uniform

Students must wear the school physical education uniform as well as proper running shoes for physical education classes (Converse shoes are not appropriate since they have no arch support). Students must change out of their physical education clothes at the end of the period. Students are permitted to wear the older model of their physical education uniform for class but are required to wear the new one for activities and events.  

  • Students not adequately dressed with the proper clothing and footwear for gym will not participate.
  • For safety purposes, in particular, during Physical Education classes, students must keep their fingernails trimmed.
  • Crested athletic tops may be required for out-of-school activities.