School & Student Support Services

Michelangelo International

Physical & Mental Health 

Special Needs Support

Our special needs technicians and care workers help students with particular needs by monitoring and working with them. These students are assisted academically and socially whenever the need arises. Please consult the EMSB Special Needs page for more information.

Nutritional Education

Dietitians travel from school to school visiting classrooms and cafeterias to talk to students about eating nutritious foods and being healthy. The aim is to encourage healthy lifestyles through good nutrition and physical activity and to sensitize students to the social influences on their perception of health and well-being. Consult the EMSB Nutrition & Food Services page.

Health & Social Services

Education and support programs for students are provided by our partners, the Integrated Health and Social Services Centres (CISSS) and Integrated University Health and Social Services Centres (CIUSSS). A School Nurse, Dental Hygienist and Social Worker are assigned to our school on a part-time basis. For More information on services provided please consult the EMSB Health & Social Services page.

Educational Resource & Facilities Services

Computer Lab Technician

The computer lab technician assists teachers and students with computer-related activities and programs. In conjunction with the teacher, the technician also ensures that students respect computer lab safety and privacy rules.

School Library Technician

The library is intended to be a resource area for the whole school. Students are encouraged to come to the library to do their homework and study, to read for pleasure or to make use of the wide variety of books and magazines available to them. Visit the School Library page.

Student Supervision

The school provides supervision on school grounds during lunchtime, between classes and during breaks to ensure that rules are observed and that students are safe. Our Student Supervisor monitors the behaviour of our students and follows up on such things as absences and late notices. They are also directly involved with the organization of student activities.