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January 2022 Newsletter

Friday, January 14, 2022

Dear parents Welcome Back to what is already proving to be another interesting year. We hope that you all had an enjoyable holiday and we, along with all members of our Michelangelo International School staff, wish you a Happy New Year filled with joy, peace, and good health.


A new year brings about a fresh new start, with good intentions and resolutions. Let’s all work together in order to ensure a smooth, successful and safe transition back to school for our students.

Healthy mind and body. Going to bed early to ensure your child gets enough sleep is essential for your child to focus and function properly in school. Having a healthy, nutritious diet as combined with outdoor physical exercise (outdoor play) helps to fuel a young growing body and a developing brain.

Attire. Students must dress appropriately for winter weather with snow pants, boots, hats, gloves and scarves. Students are required to follow the dress code as stipulated in your child’s agenda. Lastly, students must have a change of shoes to wear in school.

Punctuality. Being on time is a lifelong skill that is learned from a young age. Parents are responsible for getting their children to school on time. Morning entry begins at 7:47 and ends at 8:52 so that students are ready to begin class at 9:00 sharp. It is very stressful for a child when he/she walks in late. Walking in late also disrupts the classroom routine already in place. Deadlines for assignments should also be respected. Making excuses for your child will not benefit in the long run.

Responsibility. Learning to be responsible for yourself can be learned from a young age. Your child can start by preparing his/her clothing for the following day, making his/her lunch, packing his/her schoolbag the night before, etc. It is also never too early to instill the importance of respect for others as well as having good manners.

Being a lifelong reader. Reading daily, in both English and French, should be encouraged at home. Reading with your child or reading something of your own while your

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